About us

As experts in the micro lending market in the United Kingdom, Field Loans have provided loan solutions for members of the public for the past decade. In that time and especially since the global financial crisis of 2008, we have noticed more and more people approach us for loan products and especially our bad credit loan products, including logbook loans.

Unfortunately, bad credit has simply become a reality in our lives. With many households struggling to make ends meet, bad credit will be on the rise in the foreseeable future, something our financial guru’s predicted as far back as 2010. Unfortunately, we don’t see this changing anytime soon, especially as a result of the recent Brexit vote which we have not seen the full impact of as yet. And believe us when we say, that impact will be felt for years to come.

But what does this mean to the man in the street, the ordinary citizen in the United Kingdom? Well, it means that any form of regular loan or credit option offered by banking institutions will simply not be available to them. You can certainly try to apply for them but all you will face is rejection. Banks see people with a bad credit record as a risk and will simply not loan to them.

On the other hand, at Field Loans we don’t believe that a few financial mistakes or your credit history should be holding you back from securing a credit product, especially if you need it for yourself or your family in an emergency. For this reason, in 2012 we undertook a pledge to try and help those members of the public suffering with bad credit by making a range of loan products available that they can apply for, including our popular logbook loan offerings.

Rest assured however, we do not lend irresponsibly. Each of our clients is screened to ensure that the loan product we offer them is affordable and will not put them under financial stress. We also educate them in ways to help themselves out of their tricky bad credit situation eventually helping them to lose their bad credit status which continues to hold them back financially.

There are no tricks, gimmicks or hidden costs when it comes to loan offerings from Field Loans. Expect top class service from our well-trained staff and loan products to match. So if you have any queries about our loan products or perhaps any financial questions, we want to help you. Let us help you get back on track financially, which at the end of the day is not only a positive for you, but your family as well.